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Harkrishan Wadia & Phoebe Nongrum dominate MMSC Rally

Harkrishan Wadia & Phoebe Nongrum dominate MMSC Rally

Karna Kadur and co-driver Musa Sherif conquer Blueband Rally of Maharashtra 

Nashik, 2 June 2024: Bengaluru’s Karna Kadur, a two-time Overall National champion, along with multiple time National Co-driver champion Musa Sherif, switched up gears admirably and annexed the Rally of Maharashtra in style, as the second round of the Blueband Sports fmsci Indian National Rally Championship for four-wheelers, organised by Western India Sports Association (WISA), successfully concluded here on Sunday.  

 With seven-time National co-driver champion Musa Sherif calling the pace notes, Karna Kadur, trailing in third place by a good two minutes on Saturday, focussed on consistency and gained advantage with skilful driving to win the Overall honours on Sunday. Overnight leader, Fabid Ahmer and co-driver Milen George of Chettinad Sporting, lost over five minutes in Special Stage 9 which pushed them down to overall 8th place in the final standings. 

Kolkata-Mangaluru pair of Amittrajit Ghosh and Ashwin Naik, a former two-time National champions, also managed to secure a well-deserved second place ahead of young guns Arnav Pratap Singh and Rohit N. Apart from a noteworthy Overall third, the New Delhi-Bengaluru duo from SNAP Racing topped their Class, INRC3. 

 Kerala’s Fabid Ahmer and George Milen of Chettinad Sporting won the INRC2 class while talented lady driver Pragathi Gowda came second in INRC2 class. Pragathi roped in co-driver Sujith Kumar BS, a veteran multiple National champion and sports administrator, who sat for stand-alone rally. Pragathi’s regular navigator, Trisha Alonkar, is recovering after a surgery. The top categories INRC and INRC 2 categories were all on MRF tyres on the podium. 

 Privateers Shaik Hussain Pasha and co-driver Roshan Claver Crasta won the Classic class while Arnav Pratap Singh also bagged the Junior INRC. Nikeeta Takkale of Pune and co-driver Shivani Parmar of Mumbai won the Ladies class while Baljinder Singh Dhillon and Goutham CP clinched the Gypsy Challenge. 

"After a seven-year gap, Blueband brought Nashik back into the National calendar. It is a popular INRC venue in the west and the tarmac stages offered are fast and challenging terrain. Blueband congratulates all the winners, officials, teams and marshal for a well-conducted event," said Premnath K, Promoter, Blueband Sports. 

The four stages today were completed by 11 O’clock and provided enough challenges for the drivers on the tarmac roads which were broken and narrow at many places. Of the 53 cars, 13 logged DNF. 

Provisional Unaudited classification (final) 

Overall: 1. Karna Kadur/ Musa Sherif (Arka Motorsports) 01hours, 47 minutes; 52.9seconds; 2. Amittrajit Ghosh/ Ashwin Naik (Arka Motorsports) 01:49:08.0; 3. Arnav Pratap Singh/ Rohit N (SNAP Racing) 01:49:29.2; 

INRC 2: 1. Fabid Ahmer/ George Milen (Chettinad Sporting) 01:51:10.7; 2. Pragathi Gowda /Sujith Kumar BS (Chettinad Sporting) 01:59:32.1; 3. Yashas M Nayaka/ Sudhindra BG (Pvt.) 01:59:40.5; 

INRC3: 1.  Arnav Pratap Singh/ Rohit N (SNAP Racing) 01:49:29.2; 2. Jeet Jabhakh/ V Sekar (Chettinad Sporting) 01:49:45.5; 3.  Daraius Shroff /Arjun Dheerendra (Chettinad Sporting) 01:49:53.6; 

Junior INRC: 1. Arnav Pratap Singh/ Rohit N (SNAP Racing) 01:49:29.2; 2. Abhin Rai/ Moideen Jasher (Ideal Racing)  01:50:14.9; 3. Nikeeta Takkale/ Shivani Parmar (Pvt.)  02:00.17.5; 

Ladies Class: 1. Nikeeta Takkale/ Shivani Parmar (Pvt.)  02:00.07.5; 2. Phoebe Nongrum/ Rahul Sancheti (SNAP Racing) 02:05:24.4; 3. Harshitha Gowda/ M Srivatsa (A & A Motorsports) 02:19:26.7; 

Gypsy Challenge: 1.  Baljinder Singh Dhillon/ Goutham CP (Pvt.) 01:58:12.3; 2. Dr Akarsh Sundar/ Ravi Kumar (A & A Motorsports) 01:59:07.7; 3. Sachin Singh/ Prakash M (Pvt.) 02:04:25.5; 

Classic: 1. Shaik Hussain Pasha/ Roshan Claver Crasta (Pvt.) 02:27:50.9; 2. Aneeshnath S/ Amitha Aneesh (A&A Motorsports) 02:42:22.5; 

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Harkrishan Wadia Secures Triple Victory, Phoebe Nongrum Dominates Women's INRC at 47th MMSC South India Rally
March 17, 2024

Harkrishan Wadia Secures Triple Victory, Phoebe Nongrum Dominates Women's INRC at 47th MMSC South India Rally

In the 47th MMSC South India Rally, Delhi’s Harkrishan Wadia emerged as the champion alongside co-driver Kunal Kashyap, overcoming dramatic moments and stiff competition. Wadia's victories spanned multiple categories, including the AVT Gold Cup FIA APRC-Asia Cup and the Blueband Fmsci Indian National Rally Championship 2024. His main rivals, Pragathi Gowda and Trisha Alonkar, faced setbacks when their car was damaged by a miscreant throwing a stone, leading to their retirement due to fuel shortage just 2kms from the finish of the three-day event's last stage. The second spot was claimed by the pair from Hyderabad, Naveen Puligilla and co-driver Santosh Thomas with Coimbatore's Ramcharan C and co-driver Jeevarathinam, from Bengaluru completing the podium. Meanwhile, former World Rally champion Karamjit Singh expressed disappointment over the turn of events but praised Pragathi's progress, highlighting her talent and potential. In the National Championship, Wadia's triumph was marred by a penalty for late check-in, allowing Aditya Thakur to secure second place. Despite setbacks, Wadia remained grateful for the support of MRF Tyres and expressed satisfaction with his performance, except for one minor mistake during the race. Elsewhere in the competition, Vishak Balachandran and Phoebe Nongrum emerged victorious in the INRC 3 and Women INRC categories, respectively, showcasing their skill and determination. Additionally, Arjun Rajiv showcased his talent by clinching the Junior INRC title, while Baljinder Singh Dhillon impressed in the Fmsci Challenge Gypsy Cup. The rally saw intense action and challenges, with 23 out of 51 crews retiring from the event. Looking ahead, the second round of the INRC is scheduled to take place in Nashik from May 31 to June 2, promising more excitement and competition in the world of rally racing. Provisional classification (after Leg-2): FIA APRC-Asia Rally Cup: 1. Harkrishan Wadia (Delhi) / Kunal Kashyap (Himachal) (Arka Motorsports) (02Hrs, 04mins, 59.8secs); 2. Naveen Puligilla / Santosh Thomas (both Hyderabad) (Pvt.) (02:15:22.0); 3. Ramcharan C (Coimbatore) / Jeevarathinam (Bengaluru) (Arka Motorsports) (02:17:24.1). Blueband Indian National Rally Championship: INRC Overall: 1. Harkrishan Wadia (Delhi) / Kunal Kashyap (Himachal) (Arka Motorsports) (02:04:59.8); 2. Aditya Thakur / Virender Kashyap (both Himachal) (Chettinad Sporting) (02:05:05.0); 3. Vishak Balachandran (Thiruvananthapuram) / Anil Abbas (Ernakulam) (Chettinad Sporting) (02:10:02.6). INRC 2: 1. Harkrishan Wadia / Kunal Kashyap (02:04:49.8); 2. Aditya Thakur / Virender Kashyap (02:05:05.0); 3. Naveen Puligilla / Santosh Thomas (02:15:22.0). INRC 3: 1. Vishak Balachandran / Anil Abbas (02:10:02.6); 2. Daraious Shroff (Mumbai) / Srikanth Gowda (Chikkamagaluru) (Chettinad Sporting) (02:10:48.1); 3. Samrat Yadav (Chandigarh) / Arvind Dheerendra (Bengaluru) (Pvt.) (02:11:48.2). Junior INRC (2 finishers): 1. Arjun Rajiv (Bengaluru) / Vinay Padmashali (Mysuru) (Chettinad Sporting) (02:13:47.9); 2. Ajay Shankar (Kollam)/ S Nitharshan (Kallakurichi) (Mandovi Racing) (02:14:00.0). Women INRC (2 finishers): 1. Phoebe Nongrum (Shillong) / Nash Ross (Hyderabad) (Snap Racing) (02:28:27.4); 2. Harshitha Gowda (Bengaluru)/ Vignesh Mahalingam (Coimbatore) (Pvt.) (02:45:42.8). Fmsci Gypsy Challenge: 1. Baljinder Singh Dhillon (Delhi) / Goutham CP (Chikkamagaluru) (Pvt.) (02:21:51.9); 2. Dr Akarsh Sundar (Chikkamagaluru)/ Ravi Kumar (Bengaluru) (Pvt.) (02:24:45.7); 3. Jayanth Somanathan / R Rajashekar (Both Bengaluru) (Pvt.) (02:24:51.9)."