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Patience pays off during the second round leading to a triumphant victory!

February 25, 2024

Patience pays off during the second round leading to a triumphant victory!

  • Jaden Rahman Pariat, Abhay Mohan complete clean sweep
  • Double for Biren Pithawalla, Srinivas Teja, Viswas Vijayaraj

Displaying remarkable patience, Jaden Rahman Pariat (Shillong) and Abhay Mohan (Bengaluru) achieved a triple crown apiece in their respective MRF single-seater category as the second round of the MRF MMSC fmsci Indian National Car Racing Championship 2024 concluded at the Madras International Circuit, here on Sunday.

Also coming through unbeaten this weekend were Biren Pithawalla from Mumbai (Team N1 Racing) in the Indian Touring Cars category and Chennai’s Srinivas Teja (Team Performance Racing) in the Indian Junior Touring Cars class while Nellore’s Viswas Vijayaraj won two of the three races in the Formula LGB 1300 category.

Pariat, the 17-year-old from Meghalaya, showcased his maturity particularly in today’s MRF Formula 2000, 10-lap Race-2 which he started from P3 on the reverse grid. He tucked in behind Bengaluru teenager Chetan Surineni for the initial couple of laps before making a move to take a lead which he expanded lap by lap to win by the proverbial country mile. “I took my time to settle down and then I made my move. Patience was the key and after I moved to the front, I kept pushing,” said Jaden, who has also participated in Formula 4 races in the United Kingdom last year.

In Race-3, Pariat capitalized on his pole position to start for yet another handsome win, his fifth in six starts across two rounds.

Similarly, 15-year-old Abhay Mohan started the MRF Formula 1600 Race-2 in P7, but gradually carved his way through the grid, biding his time and waiting for the front runners to make mistakes before seizing the opportunity for a fine win. “I was very patient and I knew that I had to grab the opportunity when the guys in front made a mistake which they did eventually. Very happy with this win,” said Abhay who later went on to win Race-3 from pole position for his sixth win in as many starts over two rounds.

Earlier, Biren Pithawalla was in his elements while recording his fourth straight win in the Indian Touring Cars category. Starting from P3 on the reverse grid that also included the IJTC and Super Stock cars, Biren snatched the lead by Turn-3 in the very first lap and never looked back. Behind him, Chennai’s Ritesh Rai (Buzzing Hornet Motorsports), despite his best efforts, could not catch up with Biren to finish second ahead of Deepak Ravikumar (Performance Racing).

Further back, Srinivas Teja (Performance Racing) also completed a double, with an untroubled run with Chandigarh’s Angad Matharoo (Buzzing Hornet Motorsports) taking the honours in the Super Stock category.

Provisional results (all 10 laps unless mentioned):

MRF F2000 (Race-2): 1. Jaden Rahman Pariat (Shillong) (15mins, 56.427secs); 2. Chetan Surineni (Bengaluru) (16:05.412); 3. Tarun Muthiaiah (Bengaluru) (16:29.927). Race-3 (8 laps): 1. Jaden Rahman Pariat (12:39.637); 2. Chetan Surineni (12:52.399); 3. Tarun Muthiaiah (13:14.384).

MRF F1600 (Race-2): 1. Abhay M (Bengaluru) (17:22.437); 2. Zahan Commissariat (Mumbai) (17:23.209); 3. Raaj Bakhru (Mumbai) (17:24.049). Race-3 (8 laps): 1. Abhay Mohan (13:46.722); 2. Monith Kumaran (Chennai) (13:50.171); 3. Zahan Commissariat (13:54781).

Indian Touring Cars (Race-2): 1. Biren Pithawalla (Mumbai, Team N1 Racing) (18:54.472); 2. Ritesh Rai (Chennai, Buzzing Hornet Motorsports) (18:58.377); 3. Deepak Ravikumar (Chennai, Team Performance Racing) (19:14.141).

Indian Junior Touring Cars (Race-2): 1. Srinivas Teja (Chennai, Team Performance Racing) (19:34.279); 2. Nikunj Vagh (Mumbai, Team N1 Racing) (19:49.189); 3. Yokeshwaran (Coimbatore, Team Performance Racing) (20:09.989).

Super Stock (Race-2): 1. Angad Matharoo (Chandigarh, Buzzing Hornet Motorsports) (20:51.551); 2. Justin Singh (Gurugram, Redline Racing India) (18:53.444 + 1 lap); 3. Anirudha Arvind (Chennai, Redline Racing India) (18:58.579 + 1 lap).

Formula LGB 1300 (Race-1, 6 laps): 1. Viswas Vijayaraj (Nellore, DTS Racing) (11:22.235); 2. Balaprasath (Coimbatore, DTS Racing) (11:28.841); 3. Mohit Aryan (Chennai, Delta Speeds) (11:31.682).

Race-2: 1. Balaprasath (18:55.936); 2. Viswas Vijayaraj (18:56.118); 3. Gokul Krishna (Chennai, Delta Speeds) (19:16.631). Race-3 (8 laps): 1. Viswas Vijayaraj (17:49.603); 2. Balaprasath (18:01.713); 3. Mohit Aryan (18:08.432).

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